Warmup and some bondage~

Today was a pretty productive day. The warmup is with reference; and the other sketch is without~

Warmup sketch

Hanging out is tricky business in bdsm


Lekka has some concerns.

Primarily with the interior designers of Eorzea. I mean she understands the needs of multiculturalism; accomodating for the smaller races. But she struggles to understand how she ended up on the “childrens” seat.



Comic comission progress!

Recently I was comissioned to make a short little illustrative piece to go with an invitation. I put forth the suggestion that it be a small comic detailing the journey of the invitation in question, and the client seemed to like the idea.
So here is the rough draft; missing one frame as I’m struggling to put that into shape tonight. Thought I might show it to the client and see what they have to say about the general style and flow.

Comic in progress


Day 361: Realistic Portrait

Time to flex the realism muscles again. I know I post a lot of stylized stuff here, things where I seem to struggle to put an eye in the correct spot on a strange triangle for a head – So occasionally I like to remind my readers that I’m actually okay at this shit.
Today it was a portrait, and I spent a fair amount of time on it, so you get a few WIP shots.

Day 361 WIP

Starting out!

Day 361 WIP2

Stage Two…

Day 361 Portrait

Aaand done for today.


Day 351: Ooooo Caaaaanadaaaaaa

Well. This was bound to happen sometime. Canada suddenly got interested in ice-skating.

Gesture illustration

I swear this started as just a gesture.


Day 344: Draw what you know?

Having a rough day today, perhaps it’s penance for yesterday feeling like it went so easilly. Anyway, I really wasn’t feeling it regardless of what I tried, and the tiredness has hit me pretty hard.
So what I did was I worked a little on the picture from yesterday, trying to expand on the idea – And when that started to fail, I drew what I knew! Which is me, tired as balls.

Tiny progress

Self portrait


Day 322: Sculptris 3d and paint-over

So today I made good on my attempts to do some more 3d work in sculptris, creating this little monkey type guy.
Aaaaand then I couldn’t resist the temptation to silly-ly paint over him..

3d model 1
3d model 2
Paint over 3d model


Day 180: Comic work!

The main product of today was a whole lot of work on a comic I want to create. I finished page one! – But I am not going to show anyone yet, because I want to establish the story before I publish it.. Get some kind of hook in there to convey what I want to do with this story.
My thinking behind that is basically that one strip is never enough to interest people in reading it again, or following along with the storyline. So I want to have a few pages for them to flick through on the inevitable release of the thing.

I will however give a small preview of a sketch for Page two:

Sketch panel

And this kind of derpy Raphael I drew. I kinda want to draw the whole team like this. I might.

Derpy Raphael


Day 175: Sketchbook and minicomic

Today I bought a new sketchbook, It’s a “Moleskine” brand quite small sketchpad made for painting in – thus giving it thicker and more durable pages.. And allowing me to do whatever art I want in it, really 🙂

So that is good, it led to some sketching on the way home in the train. When I got home, I heard cries from the livingroom as a guy literally bit someone in the world cup. And apparently this is not the first time.
Now I don’t know about you, but on my list of prioritized actions when people annoy me; Biting them comes in pretty damn low. So this amazed me a little, but I guess the game has just evolved quite a bit since the many years ago when I marginally kept up on it.

Nyagh Nyagh nyagh!


Day 162: Emulating my idols

Decided to do a little drawing based on the style of an artist I quite admire today! So I opened up my reference in a browser, opened up Manga studio and got to work!
It was about half an hour later that I realised I had not been looking at the reference, and was instead watching youtube videos. So this is more of a “Me imitating an artist I like” than a complete carbon copying of the style, But I never felt the need to find reference for it as I was working – So it may be that I have internalised some tips and tricks. ( And undoubtedly also mistakes. )

You drew me?