Day 294: Lineart COMPLETE

Yay! I am done. At least I have gotten to a point where I am happy with moving on from it.

So now I look upon the horror that is colouring this thing. I really want to do it justice, but I know that I don’t have the technical skill to do that just now. So I think what I will do is collect some resources of colouring techniques and art from artists I really respect, and then spend some time replicating techniques over a few days.

Hopefully I can get it done to the point where I can be happy with it. I feel like colouring is a thing I really need to work on now, as I am capable of creating these lineart pages that look pretty decent – So my colouring technique needs to be able to match it.

Completed lineart

Flat colour

Flat colours. Pre-painting.

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