Day 245: Late night doodling!

No sketch yet, I am going to have a nap, and will be back afterwards to doodle a little while I wait for a Magic tournament I am joining to start. It’s probably the most awkward time ever for me to play it, as it’s in the middle of the night, more or less… But that’s why I’m napping first!

Kind of decided on this a little spontaneously, I heard it was today on an american stream, and thought that sounded fun… Then realised these were the last qualifiers and thus my last chance to try it.
So yeah! Going for it. I haven’t had anything gaming related I was excited for lately, so this’ll be just that. Luckilly I have flex time at work, so I can get enough hours of sleep in and still do my job properly 🙂 (But because I am going to nap now, the sketch will be delayed! (And yes I already did doodle a lot today) )

AFro firebender

Edit: Added the art! – she’s almost getting an afro with these cursory attempts at doing her hair.

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