Day 227: Traindoodle enhanced.

On the train back to my home today, I did a little loose drawing on my Surface. The thing that struck me the most was how different it feels to the Cintiq, It’s much looser, feels far less accurate, there is absolutely no resistance on the pen.. All the differences really relate to the “feeling” of working on it, the software works just as well.
I suppose another difference is that the screen is a fourth of the size, and has the same resolution – So a sketch that looks crisp on the surface is a lot looser when I see it on the proper(pixel scale) cintiq monitor.

Anyway! I decided to play a little with it by doing a quick “lineart” of what I had in mind and lining up all three of the versions; from roughest sketch, through the detail sketch and onto the more detailed rendering. (Obviously still not a lot of detail.)

Sketch lineup

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