Day 224: Late post, I overslept

So this is the post for the 12th of August! I was going to sleep from eight to about nine thirty PM, due to having a headache and being quite tired. That failed however, and I woke up about six hours later in the middle of the night.

So yeah, I went to work on something again.. Namely the comic! In this case I decided I should probably revamp how I outlined one of the pages; Initially frame 1 was set to have a higher quality portrait of a person, but getting the artstyle to mesh proved a much harder challenge than I could manage right now – And in general I don’t think it was necessary or brought anything to the storytelling.
So instead I am doing a cityscape painting. Because fuck consistency, I wanna paint.(I guess?)
I’m aware it opens for some inconsistency in the artstyle, but I think that also might be a good thing. I have a very set way of drawing people, on the other hand I do not have much experience stylizing animals and inanimate objects – and often end up with a more painterly approach, so why not start it off with a bang.

Also! this is an actual city I’m painting with reference. Maybe someone can guess which.

Comic page preview

Itty bitty preview

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