Day 208: Cleanin’ that pinup (Canada)

I did an immense amount of work today that probably isn’t too visible. This is the plight of the artist.
But yeah, I went over pretty much all the lineart including background lineart – Added some more details, changed around how a few things work to give a bit more of a 3d feel and generally just made the linework -better- than it was.

After that I started blocking in various parts of the image in gray tones. I’m hoping to colour this in, but I wanted to make a basic gray-out of it first, so I can build the value up and figure out how to colour it and where the light will land etc. etc.
Besides which I thought it would look neat in just basic grays as well, so I went to work a little on the header text to make it look all fancy and cool. (I’m a designer, so I thought this was a lot of fun.)

Canada grayscale

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