Day 207: I drew a bunch today

Mostly I did a lot of work on the comic pages. I’ve decided to find some kind of middle ground between coloured lineart and sketchy pages – So it’s likely I will try out a few sketched styles that include colouring as I work on it, in the hopes of finding something I like.

I also doodled on a lady character where I wanted to play with glasses again – as some of my characters I want to design for the comic wear glasses, so I should learn to draw them. This was a case of enjoying to work on it, and then hating it after I finished.
I think that’s a common thing when you work on something without reference though, this is purely based on things I have internalised and has no realistic point of reference; which ultimately leads me to feel disappointment when I view it in a vacuum.

Oh well. Might finish off the pinup tomorrow if the temperatures go down.

Strange goth lady

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