Day 206: And nothing productive was done that day.

I have done almost nothing today. I doodled a little on a thoughtless portrait of a woman on the train, did my job, got home and proceeded to just slowly die in this heat. It’s constantly hot. I am barely wearing any clothes at all and I feel like I want to take off all my clothes because it is actively uncomfortable to exist in this climate.

So yeah, I have done fuck all today. I’ve drawn some stuff, but none of it is any good nor has any more thought in it than rote repetition of stuff I can kinda do but am putting no effort into.
I know I will feel bad about that later, but right now? No. I just want this heat to go away. I am praying there will be snow and cold and misery, because with cold you can wear more clothes. When it’s so hot that I can no longer act to cool myself beyond what I have done, it’s just awful.

I don’t think I’ll be posting an image today. It exists, it’s on page three of my sketchbook.. I did some doodles digitally, but as I said, they aren’t really worth looking at – nor even worth saving if I’m frankly honest.
I’m just going to go lie down and hope to pass out to exhaustion eventually.

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