Day 204: Value, You, Me – Outside.

I’m going to beat the shit out of this value, you guys.
It said some very mean things about my teddybear, and it’s going down.

For this, I started at like… 1% size. Yes. One percent!
I worked my way up to 12,5% canvas size and decided to give it a rest there so I can go doodle and study some other stuff before bed. This is a part of my “Learning how to colour” because value is one of the most important parts of colour!
And ironically this picture has no colour, It is grayscale because I am trying to learn the fundamentals of light and value – I can then later add colour into the mix 🙂

Value study

Six Percent size

Value study M

Twelve Percent Size

25 Percent value study

25 Percent! Click for full size.

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