Day 202: Washburne aboard serenity

Silly little doodle time! I may have mentioned about one hundred times how I often get stuck wanting perfection while I am still working out the details of a piece. Effectively when I take it too seriously I cripple my own productivity.
Well this is sort of a counter-culture to that, and I’ve done similar things before; namely the lemur riding a wombat or for instance the wolfman which was more recent.

Basically I just -draw- the thing. I look at the reference, and I draaaaw it. No fussing, no perfectionist fixing all the time, just getting things in the right place and then correcting a little.
I’m hoping I can adapt this style into making comics, as it would allow me to complete a page – and then do polishing work to make it look good later when all the important details are down.

firefly dinosaurs

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