Day 201: Beware of Boobs

Anatomy is a bitch. But I feel like I got a lot of it done now, this is the lineart as it stands as of tonight.
I added in background, did a lot of tweaking when it comes to line width and proportion, and it’s looking pretty close to done. I might need to do another pass on her face as that was done relatively early in the process.

So what’s next? Well, colouring! And in the colouring I kind of need to add a lot of detail. In a way I am a little scared of even starting that process. When you colour in clothes you generally shade and highlight at folds, but when it comes to skin you have to think about so many little details, and often it’s the blending of skintones that can make something look flat and boring.
Basically don’t expect this to be done anytime soon, I need to learn how to colour while working on it.

Canada pinup

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