Day 200: It’s a pinup!

Yay! Working on a pinup. It’s not NSFW yet though because I haven’t drawn nipples. ( I don’t really know how yet.)

This does not look like it has changed much from the closeup I posted yesterday, but the reality of it is that I have spent soooo much time today learning and correcting anatomy. I’m thinking about proportion, pose, muscle placement.. So many things I don’t always consider. So this is a great little project to learn from.
I don’t think it will be done anytime soon really. As soon as I finish the lineart I need to add in the background you can see is hinted at in a faded red colour(sketch) – And after that I need to colour everything! Which again, I have a lot to learn in that too.

Learning all day long. But hey, atleast I’ve got the proportion reasonably right.

Pinup canada

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