Day 194: I feel kinda bad today.

Bad at drawing that is. But I have to remind myself yet again that I am doing this to learn, to get better so that I can one day make the magical things I see in my mind.

Anywho, today I was working on another panel in the comic. And as there appears to be some curse over me, I drew this one in another style too! Currently I have three character panels that all look quite different because I drew them at different periods of my exploration of style, I guess. I also have this problem of looking at my sketches and feeling that they are inherently superior to my more clean art, but most of my clean art looks very much like itself, I haven’t made enough progress in that department.

Still, here is a lady! Still not done, but I got to work on it for a long time today. Even tried to draw a hand.

Drawn a lady

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