Day 192: Problem fixed!

The problem with the cintiq seems to have simply been a memory leak. Perhaps related to either Chrome or my Pale moon acting up.. It could be either, or it could simply be the combination of the two and the way they sandbox flash content that made things go all breaky.

Anyway, here’s my sketchings of a pretty lady. I’ve no idea where I am going with this, so I think it’s some kind of study.. It’s already come a long way, and I kinda wish I had taken some progress shots, got in about an hour or so of drawing now and moved it from a splotch of pink to defining and starting to define some anatomy features.
Turns out glasses are pretty damned hard, But I think I am far closer to getting them right in this piece than I have been in others.. The hand is also a little awkward, because the position it’s in causes it to look longer once I draw it – The creative solution to that as a visual problem is probably to reposition it so that it looks better in line, really..

Sketching a lady

Oh. And also someone had been going through the deep archive of my website today… And wow. Like, they were dredging through the oldest of the old comic attempts I uploaded.

All I can say is that I have improved far more than I thought I had.

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