Day 191: Eek, emergency.

Today I give you my “Shamebook”. I’m not actually ashamed of it though, but I’ve noticed a trend with artists that these are the sketchbooks that do not get posted. Since I do all of my work digitally, my shamebook is a physical moleskine that I doodle in after work while I take the train home.
It’s a “shame” thing because it’s the sketchbook where you just draw things and they generally tend to look awful, part of the reason for this of course is that you don’t really have any reference. In this one though I have a rather fetching rendition of an Orc that I have wanted to show off to people!

Sketchbook 1

The reason for the sketchbook today is that I am having some minor issues with the digital drawing, pressure sensitivity wasn’t working quite right today… so I need to fix that pronto.

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