Day 188: I can’t paint. So let’s paint!

Do things you cannot do until you can do them. A philosophy based entirely around the belief that I can probably work shit out if given enough time and practice.

I mean, so far it’s worked out pretty okay for me. In this instance I feel like I got the mouth and the nose pretty well down. The mouth in particular as it is such a subtle little addition, it just sits there in the painting and represents exactly what I wanted it to. I paint sloooowly though. This face makeover took me an hour or so, which I know more experienced painters could do in mere minutes – But it’s a process I think. I need to get good enough at it that I can just wing it a bit more.

One thing I’d like to note is that I like her skin tone. It feels a little more varied than I normally manage, and is largely attributed to dumping a few different values in there..


Click for full size!

Sketch for comparison

Sketch for comparison

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