Day 184: Speedpainting and sketching

Tried my hand at a speedpainting today; the idea there is to set a shorter timeframe and work fast on a piece. Sadly it didn’t go amazingly, but it’s not like I am an artist most known for my always immaculate work. – Sometimes the muse of inspiration just buggers off, and at that point things slow down.

Basically it started out strong, and rapidly I managed to conceptualise what I wanted to portray… But at some point I got bogged down working on the facial features of the character I was introducing, and it just ate up a lot of time without really going anywhere good. So at that point it was no longer speedpainting, and I reversed my mistakes before saving it.
Following that I did the usual sketchpage dump to see if I could atleast do something, but overall this was just not a very inspired day of work after the speedpainting lost it’s steam.

monk person speed painting

Conceptually it started out as a sort of nun/priest type person I was going to place in a slightly holy-feeling environment.. Then it progressed to being a monk lady of some type, and I tried to define her facial features better… And it all fell apart. – I need that experience though, as focusing on detail is one of my biggest flaws.

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