Day 178: Cintiq Happens.

I took the plunge! My monitors were old, my wallet had some money in it, and I have wanted a Cintiq for about as long as I have known about digital art. Today I have had a few hours to play with it, and it feels so worth it.
It kind of amazes me how much more natural it feels to draw on this compared to the Intuos. – And it amazes me because the intuos never felt unnatural to me, I was able to adapt to the hand-eye coordination requirement pretty quickly and have been working with that as a factor for years.. But it really does make a subtle difference that feels shocking now that I have tried a Cintiq.

So I have a new digital art tool at my disposal – The obvious direction to take that in was to get to work! First I did a bunch of little sketches, getting the settings right and getting a feel for the device.. It is unlike the Surface Pro in that it has virtually no jitter, It feels smooth as silk and responsive at all times and what little paralax effect you get is most often a result of repositioning the device for another viewing angle, rather than any innacuracies.
I also did some more lineart however, and that’s what I wanted to show off today! – Remind me I still have a sketchbook page to scan for one of these days…

Elvaan woman Mandragora

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