Day 175: Sketchbook and minicomic

Today I bought a new sketchbook, It’s a “Moleskine” brand quite small sketchpad made for painting in – thus giving it thicker and more durable pages.. And allowing me to do whatever art I want in it, really 🙂

So that is good, it led to some sketching on the way home in the train. When I got home, I heard cries from the livingroom as a guy literally bit someone in the world cup. And apparently this is not the first time.
Now I don’t know about you, but on my list of prioritized actions when people annoy me; Biting them comes in pretty damn low. So this amazed me a little, but I guess the game has just evolved quite a bit since the many years ago when I marginally kept up on it.

Nyagh Nyagh nyagh!

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