Day 174: Five colour painting.

Todays challenge was pretty random, I saw a challenge going around on tumblr to draw peoples characters in certain colour schemes, I believe the point of it was to only use ten colours by selecting from two sets..

I however, thought it would be really cool to try to make an entire picture with the five colours! – I gave myself one exception, which was a gradient to start with. I used the two deepest colours and laid down a gradient, and then used the five colours to make this 🙂
The reason I wanted to use the gradient was not purely because it makes for a good transistion, but because it is a good way to lay down a horizon line and get some “mess” in your picture. – If I was allowing myself more of it, it’s likely I would have used some more gradients to help with the moon and even the grass.

But I think it turned out kinda cool. Going to play a little more with this tonight!

Five Colour Painting

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