Day 170: From construction sketch, to art!

Moving on with the piece I constructed yesterday, I decided on some thematic elements and started playing around with the girls outfit and appearance. These are still sketches by all meanings of the word, but at this point I am defining things to give people a certain impression.

I wasn’t entirely planning on this being any specific woman, but she sort of turned out being an elf of some sort – I just liked the positioning of some largeish ears on her head.
It seemed thematically fitting however as I have been playing with ideas surrounding the “White mage” design of armour from final fantasy games for a long time. I really love the general idea of white + red detailing, which one could argue is just as related to the red cross; Basically it just puts off this feel of “Healer” in fantasy terms.

I’ll probably finish this as a piece of illustration, considering I have so many details down relative to the ammount of time I have worked on this so far. Might even add some more little monsters, like the Mandragora in the background 🙂

Elvaan White Mage

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