Day 158: Starting an illustration

Kind of a steampunky illustration in the works here. It was all inspired by a rather dashing name that was generated by a random Posh name generator: Felicity Tinkerbush.

I just love that name. It has the perfect ammount of “sounds plausible” mixed with the weird naming convention english people sometimes have where it sounds an awful lot like innuendo. Like, no, he’s not named Dick, is he? Yes. Yes he is.
Granted this one is a quite a bit more subtle, and it sounds more like a steampunky name. She’d be a tinkering mechanic!

The design is far from cast in stone, I did a few sketches of it, got most the elements sorted out, and then started painting it because I felt like painting for a bit. Not sure which direction I will take it in when I continue on it, but I have a few creative changes I want to make.

WIP Painting

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