Day 127 & 128: Soooooo….

So! Yesterday was the only day of the year where I have not uploaded anything. I actually feel a bit bad about it, as I made this project as a promise to myself, so I’ll be making some efforts to work a little harder as a result.

The reason I didn’t draw and upload anything yesterday is that I worked an 11 hour workday and went out with the company for a lovely dinner. There was a lot of wine at this dinner and I didn’t get back until just before midnight. So all in all I feel like I have a good excuse for not having drawn; being that I had almost no time that was off “work”.
But either way, I want to make an effort to post some more interesting stuff to compensate.

Today I continued work on the Mithran Rune fencer from FFXI, and made a little “Hey this is how I work” picture that I imagined would be more instructional than it actually is. I mean, it turns out the meme image where it is two steps; one being “Make two circles” and step two being “Now draw the owl” are pretty true.
Because yeah. I lay out the pose and try to get the proportion right, and then I just draw it. the “just drawing” it bit takes a few hours sometimes, but that’s how drawing works. It’s work, not a miracle 🙂

Process image!

Step 1: Proportion
Step 2: Ta-da~!

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