Day 89: Day of failure!

So yeah, today I tried to do a painting, it was going to be a portrait and based on a reference photo. Sadly that just really didn’t work out, I’ve never tried to paint that realistically before, and had some additional problems with my computer not entirely agreeing with the size of brushes I needed. ( Probably a RAM issue, this is an old pc )

So instead I tried a few more times, and all were failures in their own way. I want to actually get it done some day, but think I need to read a little more theory and assimilate some technique before I go at it again. Ended up doing some sketches though, thinking more about how I shape the faces of my characters to give them more of a three dimensional feel, and add emotion.

Even in failure there is success

But really, even in failure there is success. Can’t learn to do something without being bad at it for a while.

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