Day 80: Some speedpainting

Decided to get in a little speed painting while I watched a movie today, and so far it is turning out better than expected. I have never actually speedpainted before, and I didn’t finish as I’ve not really painted much either… But I’m giving it a go atleast. The motif for this was to be a samurai, sitting on his knees holding forth his sword.
I am not going to claim this is at all historically accurate, I am drawing the entire thing from my own little head šŸ™‚

Samurai pose

Pose sketch

Samurai quick sketch

A quick detail sketch

Samurai painted

And the painting process, as far into it as I got.

As you can see I still have a lot to do and a lot to learn, but I managed to whip it from a vague idea to a started painting in about an hour, and I am pretty happy with that. Will probably continue on it, I need experience in rendering different materials and details in painting still.

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