Day 73: Gesture… Again.

Yesterday had another hike in views on my little statistics bar, it seems I pull more curious eyes when I manage to create something with a margin of polish.. (That finished Balsa picture was a mountain amont molehills).

I might try to use that as inspiration to finish a few more pieces over the weekend and going forward into the next week. I have a job interview I am nervous about, so I might need the work once I finish all these Song of ice and fire books.
As the title says, I did gesture drawing today. I was actually quite happy with it although as my example will show they are not very fleshed out, they are merely meant to capture the motion and the pose within 60 seconds. Often less time as I have to fiddle with moving the canvas inbetween, but the idea of gesture drawing and sketching roughly is just that; to put an idea down on canvas rapidly and undisturbed.

So while it makes for shitty watching for those interested in my work, it does actually improve it, bit by bit as I learn to be more efficient and to capture realism all the better.
A lot of text here. So yeah. See you tomorrow with another thing, hopefully fancier to look upon!

Gesture drawings again

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