Day 71: Slow day.

So this happens on occasion. I had an interview today(still trying to get jobs). And so I didn’t diligently get down in my seat afterward and start drawing right away. Ended up reading large parts of what remains of the third book in a Song of Ice and fire, and before I knew it night was falling.

I’ve resolved to do more painting studies though, I find that my skill with lines and ink has gotten far better – And though it is not at the level I want it at, I feel like I should start sooner rather than later learning how to paint and think about colour in compositions. Colour theory for design only gets you that far it seems, the painters eye is a fickle thing that I need to learn 🙂

Todays sketchings

I’m rather disappointed in my meagre showing here, though I have started doing some studies of planes, and how defining them even in grayscale can do a lot for how the eye perceives it. I also did various colour-mixing and attempts at drawing hair and flowing locks, I felt like the orange wasn’t too far off atleast.

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