Day 33: For my Teenage self

Was just doodling a little without direction today, and this one naturally formed after doing a few busts in various angles..
And I feel like this was some sort of milestone, because I remember the day my friends introduced me to Anime, in the basement of their house where they had managed to collect the entirety of Naruto as it was then. And it became something I followed, I watched every damn episode of that show, despite it’s failings at certain points.

So I realised I have reached a point today where I can just whip this together in 20 minutes, I can take my own Character; Erin, and put ‘er in a headband and make her look all ninja-like. Suddenly I have my own little assassin. And Teenage “Me” would find that so damn cool.

Have a good day 33 of the year, everyone! I’ll be back with more tomorrow 🙂

I don't know why she would be hidden rain

Are there any people of colour in the hidden rain?

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