Day fifteen: More progress!

I should probably finish one of these pieces someday, rather than starting so many new little projects, but inspiration is hard to come by; and when it does come I jump at the opportunity.
I am happy with the linework I did here, feel like I have genuinely gotten better 🙂 And now the character has kind of come out a bit more, it is a firefighter! Because everyone loves firefighters outfits. And also because I needed a pose challenge with hands being a central part. ( I drew hands! )
I also quite like the contrast of drawing extremely bulky and baggy gear; her suit, with trying to do muscles and very basic anatomy. Will probably cellshade this sometime 🙂

Fire, ho!

Flat colour + clean lines

Following critique from a friend I quickly edited this, her body was appearing too wide because the perspective was off on the left side:

Lost a few pounds

Lost a few pounds

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