What am I up to lately then?

I’ve been a little bit addicted to Dota 2 lately, one might say. It’s strange how it just pulls me in and makes me engage in every single game as if it were some important event in my life, That has to be good game design – Atleast on the front of retaining a playerbase over a long time.

And I have been playing it for what qualifies as a “long time” at this point. I’ve amassed about 80 hours I think, which is a ridiculously high ammount, but Steam tells me this is true. So over the last few weeks all those hours of potential, but let’s face it non-realistic productivity have gone into learning how to kick tush on a digital battlefield. I was initially quite surprised by how captivated I was by the game, but I have since realised that the factor that keeps drawing me in is the same one I had in EVE online.

The draw to PVP in EVE is the risk, the real gravity of losing vs. winning, and obviously that is not present in this game – Nor is the focus I had in EVE of playing solo and defeating many others. But there is something about the casual ease with which I can hop into a battle, click that “Pick Random hero” button and just go with it, learn a new role, learn a new hero. ( I am still learning! Still learning at 80 Hours.) I actually looked over a list of the heroes briefly earlier and found that from just one of two columns there were still 21 heroes I had yet to try. After -EIGHTY- hours.

So DOTA is a big game, and mastering it will take a lot of time, like.. A LOT of time. But I’m not in the mindset where I want to master it just now, This is my escape from reality, my run down the rabbit hole where I get to focus on something and try to do my very best. I am not at the stage where I want to theorycraft everything yet, and while I am sure that I will eventually get there, I do also want to thoroughly enjoy this period of being a rookie in the game. That is afterall often the best time.


In other news…

I am writing a illustrated story! It will be steampunk-fantasy themed, and will be appearing on this site, probably on it’s own page if I can set that up properly within a few weeks. I’m planning for that to be a longer running project that I keep in my back pocket as a way for me to learn how to draw and illustrate much better than I am able to today.

My skills lay mostly in the area of design, and not so much in illustration and drawing, so this is a skillset I aim to improve drastically. So Expect to see some art šŸ™‚

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