A Game of Dwarves

I did a livestream of this game tonight that lasted a little over three hours, the stream video can be found here: http://no.twitch.tv/videogamebondage/b/336630104

Initial thoughts

I started off playing the first mission of the campaign, the basic tutorial. This gave me a fairly decent impression of how the game ran and what I needed to do in order to have a surviving little fortress of the deeps, It did however not delve too deeply into many of the more advanced mechanics of the game, and as I did only this tutorial and then continued on to play a custom game for the majority of the time I was playing, I don’t yet know how the rest of the campaign moves forward. Seems reasonable to assume that it will slowly introduce new concepts though, and eventually move forward in full force with all the difficulty it has to offer.

The custom game mode was started off at medium difficulty with a decent ammount of resources and a high rate of events occuring, mostly though it consisted of me flailing about with the games controls until I got a solid understanding of things. But it was a valuable experience. I learnt the fact that you should not go about things in a random way, atleast not when the main fortress is concerned. The problem with the approach of doing things on an “as needed” basis is that you end up with a lot of soldiers and no miners. Or even worse, you end up bricking over all your farmable tiles in the main hall because you didn’t think to plan this out a little more. ( Or didn’t know to do so, in my case. )

I like the game though, the impression I got was that it was incredibly easy at the start, sometimes I would brave the dangers of Teleporting Spiders and other times it was Goblins whom were higher level than most my military dwarves, But I always succeeded thanks to my dwarven prince being a high leveled little dwarf who was all too happy to whack them over their little heads. I believe this may be a false impression of the game based upon the settings I chose at the start of it however, somewhat like the fact that I chose to spawn in items for the monsters ( Something I only later realised meant the goblins and spiders got fancy chairs and bookshelves to fend off the boredom of being in a cave.

The hillarity of the fancy chair in the previously spider infested cave was evident among both me and my viewers however, as it seemed every dwarf in the entire fortress really wanted their turn in it. I always caught someone napping in the bloody chair rather than in their fancy beds that I had painstakingly placed just for that purpose. Bloody Ingrates.

I am going to continue my dwarfy adventures tomorrow or on Thursday, So please join me on the stream to watch some dwarfy action. I will now be aimed with the knowledge of how to build a fort, and my goal is to increase my wealth and make my fort the best of the best – In the hope that it will attract attention from enemies who want a fight.  I’m never afraid to dig too deep.

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