“Have I told you recently how you’re Incredibly boring?”

And that is how it all started…..

Because yes, This is literally how it started. I was reading an article on blogging and the gaming industry a few days ago, and conversation with a good friend was going along in a chat client alongside it.

The title of this post is a quote of what she told me, and I’m still not quite sure why I made the instant connection from “You are boring.” to “Ooh! I should start a blog!” ...Maybe I just offended all my potential new blogging friends. Though technically since I jumped on the blog thing I’ve also put myself in the same booth.

…Please be boring with me?

So, that’s my humble beginnings story, Or atleast the beginning of the beginning. Now though I am focusing forwards, I want to see how this whole thing pans out. Will my blog get any readers at all? Am I capable of writing anything interesting?  I think these are interesting questions that perhaps more people should ask themselves..

That said, there are plenty people who should have also taken the hint and stopped a long time ago. Hopefully I won’t struggle with that if the time comes, And well… If I do end up being a failure I humbly request that my readers tell me to spend my time doing something else. That’s the nice way of saying “Please, Please, Just stop! Think of the Children!”

So what is the road forwards?

Well, The plan is to write up a review over this coming weekend, then potentially work on a few opinion posts and get some more diverse content up before I start padding in with more reviews, more opinions and a few personal posts here and there. There may also be art-appreciation posts. I am a huge sucker for good art, both classical and concept art for games, and I will share my fascination with this liberally.

There will be posts about EVE-Online, as that is my current, and for a few years MMO of choice, there will probably also be meta discussion relating to EVE, as fittings and mechanics are things I have a great interest in.

Hope you enjoy my site.


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